Get the Ergonomics of

a Tape-Switch Without Wires

No more snagged, broken, or melted electronic wires.


FireTail changes the direction of pressure required to a more ergonomic squeeze.


Since FireTail maintains your original tail cap, there are two ways to activate your light.


FireTail is rugged and 100% mechanical. No snagged, broken, or melted electronic wires.


All of your light’s intensity, strobe, and momentary capacities remain intact.

Macro Control System

Control System Lock-Out

We’ve Got Your Six

Enhanced Ergonomics

Convert a forward push to a lateral squeeze

FireTail doesn’t modify the functionality of your rifle-mounted flashlight, it merely changes the direction of pressure required for activation. By attaching a FireTail to the tailcap of your rifle-mounted tactical flashlight, you gain the ability to activate your flashlight with a less awkward, more ergonomic lateral squeeze motion. Laterally applied pressure (squeezing) is a more intuitive, natural motion for support-hand activation.


Two is one, one is none

If a tail-cap-mounted tape switch fails, the user has no way of activating their light because the original tailcap button has been replaced with the now-faulty tape switch. This could leave someone in a dangerous predicament without the ability to identify their target. If however, the FireTail ever breaks, accessibility to the original pressure switch is still available. A user can still activate their light in a possibly life-threatening situation.




Being a simple, self-contained mechanical device, a FireTail consists of only three moving parts that are constructed of 6061 aluminum. The FireTail gives you the ability to activate your rifle-mounted light with an ergonomic squeeze motion, and because it’s rugged and 100% mechanical, you don’t need to worry about snagged, broken, or melted electronic wires.


Back to Basics

The addition of FireTail maintains all of your flashlight’s inherent functionality. All intensity, strobe and momentary capacities your light has, will still be available. The FireTail merely augments your light’s inherent pressure switch with a more ergonomic means of activation.

James Martineau – United States Army, Veteran (2008 – 2014)
“One look at the FireTail and I understood the problem it solved. Anyone carrying a duty-weapon with lighting knows the drawbacks and problems with wired tape switches. This product is simple and simple saves lives, especially in military and law enforcement situations.”

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