FireTail Compatibility

Simple saves lives.

The FireTail was designed and manufactured around SIMPLICITY. We believe a device designed to help keep you alive should be reliable, rugged and simple. The light you pair your FireTail with should share these same qualities.

We’ve experimented with numerous light and mount combos, and prefer the FireTail to be paired with a Streamlight ProTac Rail Mount HL-X. The 1000 lumen ProTac is durable, compact, and can be programmed to only have a simple on/off momentary/click (with no intensity or strobe modes).

The Protac also has an integrated rail mount which perfectly positions the FireTail’s distance from the rifle, and quickly allows the light to be changed from “rifle-mounted” to “hand-held” by simply rotating the thumb screw and flipping the FireTail lock-out paddle.

If however, you do prefer tons of strobe and intensity modes on your rifle light… (and you’ve got them in muscle memory), more power to you. All of your modes will still work fine with the addition of a FireTail. A FireTail simply augments the direction of activation from a push to a squeeze, but maintains all of your flashlight’s inherent capabilities.

The Protac HL-X is our favorite, but the FireTail will work on most tube-body tactical flashlights.


Our top picks for FireTail compatibility are:

  1. Protac HL-X
  2. Surefire G2X Tactical (“twist-cap on” works great with the FireTail)
  3. Surefire 6PX
  4. Fenix PD-35
  5. ThruNite TN12

These are just a few of our favorites, but most lights will be FireTail compatible with a few exceptions.

  1. The tail-cap of your light must have a diameter of one inch.
  2. The tail-cap cannot be tapered. It must have a consistent diameter front to back.
  3. The tail-cap button must protrude out far enough for the FireTail to make contact with the tail-cap button. Some lights have very tall scallops surrounding the button, which make it impossible for the FireTail to interface with the tail-cap button correctly.


Compatible Flashlight Mounts

As for mounting your FireTail enabled flashlight, the most important consideration is the distance from the light to the rifle. If you choose a flashlight mount that positions the light too close to your forend, the FireTail paddle will bottom-out before completing it’s range of motion.
Most flashlight mounts should work, just be mindful of the FireTail paddle’s range of motion.

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