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FireTail is an advanced weapon light activation device that enhances the ergonomics by changing the direction of pressure to activate your light. By attaching a FireTail to the tailcap of a 1″ diameter tactical flashlight, you gain the ability to activate your flashlight with a less awkward, more ergonomic lateral squeeze motion. Laterally applied pressure (squeezing) is a more intuitive, natural motion for support-hand activation.


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  1. Alex M.

    This is a solid product. I currently have it on my 870 police 12 gauge and have tested it around my house. I love how simple it is compared to wire fed buttons which you have to route around your gun which in the end after some duct tape or zip ties make you look like you are in a mad max post apocalyptic movie but second can be snagged by exposed door hinges your own clothing and can compromise the wire itself. This is much simpler and you know it will never fail. 5/5 stars

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