FireTail Now Available for Purchase on Gun Digest

firetail on gun digest

FireTail, the simple and effective alternative to a weapon light pressure switch is available for purchase on “Whether you’re looking for gun books, gun magazines, gun values, online gun reviews or the cutting edge in firearms training and shooting techniques, Gun Digest and are your one-stop shop.”

We are excited to have our product featured on a site with like minded gun enthusiasts. Here at FireTail, we plan to continue down our path of creation and innovation in the firearm’s industry. The introduction onto Gun Digest’s platform works toward our goal in expansion and making FireTail accessible to all in the industry.

FireTail is a reliable and 100% mechanical accessory to your weapon light. You no longer need to worry about broken, melted or snagged wires that have been a common problem with pressure and tape switches. FireTail slides over the tailcap of your rifle-mounted flashlight and provides an ergonomic solution to activating your flashlight with a lateral squeeze.

For more information on FireTail, visit our website here and give us a call at (775) 996-3776.

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