FireTail on a SureFire KM1-E – Mounting Options

FireTail on a SureFire KM1-E

For those of you who use a SureFire with an integrated thumb-screw-mount, like the KM1-E, you might have run into clearance issues on full-length pic rails. The KM1-E’s mount is very low-profile, which keeps the light snugged-up close to the handguard. The FireTail can still activate the momentary in this scenario, but the paddle bottoms out before “click-on” can be activated.

Here’s a couple of mounting options to get around this problem…

Custom rail chunks
Slim, modular forearms don’t come with full-length pic rails, instead the rails are customizable.  If you need a chunk of rail under an accessory, you simply add the length of rail you need, where you need it (with either M-Lok or Keymod attachment methods). This setup gives the FireTail ample clearance under the paddle to get to the “Click-on” position.
FireTail on a SureFire KM1-E

45-degree offset mount
This is our preferred method for dealing with a very low-profile flashlight mounting height. A 45-degree offset mount moves the position of the FireTail’s paddle from being over the rail, to being over the dead space between rails (while still keeping the light snugged close to the handguard). Here’s an example of a 45-degree offset mount for pic rail by Trijicon.
Trijicon 45 degree offset mount
There are also M-lok and Keymod versions of 45-degree mounts if you’ve got a slim, modular forearm, and want to get your light closer to the handguard, while still having enough clearance under the paddle. This is the Arisaka M-Lok Offset Scout Mount.
FireTail on a SureFire KM1-E

Flashlight mounting height is key.
The FireTail’s companion flashlight’s optimal working height was based off of the Streamlight Protac HL (with integrated thumbscrew mount). Anything mounted lower could run into interference issues. Here’s a comparison between the Streamlight Protac HL (on the right) and the SureFire KM1-E for mounting height comparison (both have QD thumb screws). As we’ve said before, we prefer a rifle-mounted flashlight that is quick detach… that way you can still enjoy your $300 flashlight as a handheld–  it’s not hidden in your safe, locked to your gun with a wire. If and when you do need to put your rifle into action in a low-light situation, attach your FireTail-equipped flashlight, flip down the paddle and you’re in business in seconds!
SureFire and Streamlight height comparison

There is an abundance of flashlight mounts and accessories out there. With a little creativity and some trial & error, you can always find a way to get the mechanical advantages of the Posi-Lum FireTail on your weapon-lighting set-up.

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