The FireTail® on a SureFire M300V Vampire IR Scout Weapon Light

The ultra-compact M300V Scout Light, by SureFire is battle-proven design, built to withstand the rigors of combat. The bezel switches between white light and infrared modes, and produces a tight beam suited for close-to medium-range applications.
Because of the M300V’s compact size, low mounting height, and shallow tailcap, we were initially apprehensive that the Firetail would work on this indestructable little gem of a light. We were quite pleased, however after testing to discover that the FireTail does, indeed, work just fine on the M300V. If you’re not a fan of tape switches and plan on using IR, you may want to investigate pairing the FireTail with the M300V. If your’re not familiar the innovative FireTail weapon light control system, click here  for a demo video.
One caveat to note… Because the M300V’s mount is very low-profile, this setup will not work on a pic rail that runs all the way down your forearm. It will however, work on a short piece of pic rail mounted directly under the M300V on a slim, modular forearm or a with 45-degree offset pic mount.

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