FireTail Featured on The Firearm Blog (TFB)

In response to the article, “Firetail – Ergonomics of a Tapeswitch Without the Wires,” by Nicholas C. (The Firearm Blog 2/26/2020).

It was an honor to have the FireTail featured on the front page of ‘The Firearm Blog (TFB)’ this week and we wanted to take a moment to respond to the praise and critique that Nicholas C. (TFB author, flashlight/laser enthusiast and USPSA competitor) presented in his article. It’s our hope that these clarifications further expand on the FireTail’s functionality and better explain its benefits in relation to other products.

  1. Tail (paddle) lock-out feature: the FireTail “tail” or paddle is designed to lock-out and flip-up out of the way to allow direct access to the tail-cap button. The paddle locks up and down via a unique Torlon ball detent for a solid “click and stay” purchase. The paddle-flip also serves as a protective function to prevent accidental light discharge/activation when stored in a gun case, bag, safe, etc. This patent-pending feature was designed so your light’s batteries are not inadvertently drained when your rifle is in storage.  We favor the use of tactical-flashlights with hand-held & weapon mounting options over weapon-mount specific lights. Tactical-flashlights with hand-held & weapon-mount options (like the Streamlight ProTac HL), combined with the FireTail, create a package that is unmatched in modularity, versatility and ergonomics.
  2. Lateral-Squeeze Activation versus Push-Button: we believe that the lateral-squeeze is more intuitive and natural than a forward tail-cap button push. We feel that squeezing with your support hand is easier than moving your thumb and pushing forward on the button, especially under stress (either with a VFG or not). It’s important to note that the FireTail works effectively with either the forefinger or the thumb of the support hand;  both methods of activation are ergonomic and intuitive.
  3. Redundant Activation of SureFire DS00 and Similar Products: the FireTail uses the original OEM tail-cap button as a means for activation. The paddle flips-up to expose the original tail-cap button if direct activation is needed. We applaud SureFire for addressing a much needed backup-option when a tape-switch has failed, however we prefer a simpler, mechanical means of activation that builds on the reliability of  the existing tail-cap button switch. The FireTail is another option for those looking to minimize points of failure and value the versatility of using their tactical light in both hand-held and weapon-mounted situations. It is important to note that the SureFire’s redundant tail-cap/tape-switch is sold for $120 (this does not include the entire tape switch assembly) while the FireTail is retailing at $64.99.
  4. 6061 Aluminum: the FireTail is being manufactured in 6061 aluminum. We have constructed our product out of materials that provide durability, reliability and longevity. As we explore other materials we intend on maintaining the same high level of quality and product integrity. A polymer version of the product will be released in the near feature.

From all of us at FireTail, we would like to thank TheFirearmsBlog (TFB) for their featured article. We welcome and appreciate all critiques and reviews on our product as it helps to address concerns and promote education on the functionality behind our design. We hope through the creation of FireTail, consumers re-think their tactical and weapon lighting choices and place more value on the modularity between hand-held and weapon-mounted lighting.

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