Flashlight Pressure Switch Alternative – Introducing FireTail

Mounting a flashlight to your rifle is a necessity for those in combat and tactical situations, yet it can also be a way for firearm enthusiasts to further modify their prized possessions for recreation or self-defense. Either way, if you’ve been interested in a flashlight attachment, you’ve surely come across what the industry refers to as a pressure switch or a tape switch. These products are intended to make it easier and more “ergonomic” to turn your rifle mounted flashlight on and off. While improving ergonomics may be an advantage, there are several disadvantages to pressure switches.
FireTail gun flashlight attachment

Tactical Flashlights – The Harsh Reality of Pressure Switches

Flashlight pressure switches generally connect from the tail cap of the mounted flashlight to a “pad” that sits toward the front of your rifle where you would normally grip with your hand that’s not on the trigger. So instead of reaching your hand off the rifle to push the on/off button on the tail cap of the mounted flashlight, the pressure switch allows you to control the light by simply using your fingers. While the design makes sense, there are detrimental flaws in most pressure switches. The connection between the switch and tail cap of the flashlight is made by a wire, and this wire is prone to damage by anything that could pinch the connection, a hot gun barrel and objects in the environment it can get snagged on. In combat, a law enforcement chase or self-defense situation, reliability and durability play a huge role. Along with being prone to damage, pressure switches have been known to accidentally discharge, meaning there is not much of guard against turning the flashlight on when you didn’t mean to.

The Superior Alternative to a Flashlight Pressure Switch

The best advice: ditch your flashlight pressure switch. Innovative companies like FireTail create a product that achieves the same desired outcome (turning the rifle mounted flashlight on and off), without the worry of damage or unreliability. FireTail changes the direction of pressure required to a more ergonomic lateral squeeze and maintains the original tail cap on your flashlight. It is a simple, self-contained mechanical device that consists of three moving parts constructed of 6061 aluminum and high-strength glass-filled nylon (similar to what a modern striker-fired pistol receiver is made of). Because of its 100% mechanical nature, you don’t need to worry about snagged, broken, or melted electronic wires.

Visit FireTail’s website to get a full view of the product and call (775) 996-3776 with any questions. Fair warning: you may never turn back to a pressure switch after experiencing the ease, reliability and durability that FireTail brings to your rifle’s mounted flashlight set up.

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