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FireTail Available for Purchase at Scorpius Tactical

For customers located in Reno, we are proud to announce that FireTail is available for sale in Scorpius Tactical, a one-stop shop for all your firearm tactical gear, targets, armor and parts. As a Reno local, we are excited to see our product featured in this excellent establishment with tons of other innovative firearm and […]

The FireTail® on a SureFire M300V Vampire IR Scout Weapon Light

The ultra-compact M300V Scout Light, by SureFire is battle-proven design, built to withstand the rigors of combat. The bezel switches between white light and infrared modes, and produces a tight beam suited for close-to medium-range applications. Because of the M300V’s compact size, low mounting height, and shallow tailcap, we were initially apprehensive that the Firetail […]

Flashlight Pressure Switch Alternative – Introducing FireTail

Mounting a flashlight to your rifle is a necessity for those in combat and tactical situations, yet it can also be a way for firearm enthusiasts to further modify their prized possessions for recreation or self-defense. Either way, if you’ve been interested in a flashlight attachment, you’ve surely come across what the industry refers to […]
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